Here’s a question: Who better to explain biblical prophecies than a “prophesied work” found recorded within the pages of your own bible? 

The Prophet Amosyah (Amos) stated in the third chapter of his book that Yahweh would not have “a work” (that is a religious organization) unless His Servants the Prophets spoke of it in advance – He simply won’t do it.
So there goes 99.9% of all religions today. Their proof for being a religious group or organization is simply not found written in the Bible.

What most people don’t realize is that the Prophets’ writings give us identifying details. Therefore, it is possible to find that ONE, single, prophesied work! Their books tell us what to look for, when and where to look for it, and what to do once we find it.

There is “a work” fulfilling each and every one of those details today.

You’ve just found it. The House of Yahweh! There are plenty of prophecies about the Last Days’ Work and The House of Yahweh fulfills each and every one of them.

So to answer that question…

No one can explain the Last Days’ Prophecies like The House of Yahweh today. Putting all the scriptures together from Genesis through Revelations (connecting all the prophecies on a given topic whether it pertains to family, health, disease, natural disaster, famine, fighting and war) is key to understanding prophecy.

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